EFRA B.V., European Foundation for Relocation of Animals, exists longer than 35 years and transports zoo animals, worldwide. Modern, advanced material, ambitious staff in service together with years of experience result into professional carried out transports. We transport all animal species, including all species of Marine mammals.

On our web-site you will find information about us, our material, about veterinary aspects concerning transports and, as well, you’ll find an extensive scale of photographs. If you do have questions, or, if you wish to receive an offer, do not hesitate, call or mail us.


EFRA B.V. posseses modern and advanced material. All transport crates of EFRA B.V. are IATA-normative, our construction basis are the by IATA yearly published construction descriptions. If you need transport crates yourself we will build them to your wishes.

Vehicles EFRA B.V. uses modern vehicles for all species of animals. Our vehicles are new and modern, temperature controlled and equipped with close-circuit video. The trailers are modernized permanently and adapted to the most recent experiences.


Just recently EFRA B.V. gained the facilities and knowledge to arrange quarantine measures for zoo animals. Please contact us for more information.

Most countries require a certain health and vaccination state to come with the animal. These requirements can differ between countries. We can advise you in these matters. Because EFRA B.V. has qualified veterinarians in its team, we can also offer the possibility of arranging vaccinations or chips before transport. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for questions.

Zoo animals are still wild, non-domesticated animals. During the transport of these animals it is inevitable for the animals to be in close contact to humans and situations they don’t know and cannot escape from. This causes a huge amount of stress for the animals, which might cause a health risk. Prey animals will be most restricted to exhibit their normal behavior during a transport, since they cannot flight. Especially for these animals, it might turn out to be an advantage to minimize this stress by using sedation. This sedation lowers the level of consciousness, and minimizes the effects of stress on the body.

EFRA B.V. never transports an animal under full anesthesia, because the length of the transport is too long for full anesthesia, and because there is not enough medical equipment on board to do so safely. Especially for larger animals it is very dangerous to lie in lateral recumbency for too long.

For transports of prey animals we have good experience in using phenothiazine derivates, like piperazinyl phenothiazine. This works as an anti-psychotic. Itis as an dopamine-antagonist. One of the known side effect is that it is also an anti-emetic and anti-histaminic. Research has proven that phenothiazines pose no health risk for healthy animals. It can safely be administered through food.

It is important to start administering it 3 days before transport, as it has no effect anymore once the animal is already stressed.


EFRA B.V. holds all necessary transport permits, as well for long transports.
All vehicles are certified for zoo animal transports.

Authorisation Code


Iveco New Daily
Expiry date 06-04-2021


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Expiry date 25-01-2024


Expiry date 25-01-2024


Wilson wildlife trailer
Expiry date 21-7-2020

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